A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game that mixes Tetris, Breakout and Platform Runner together!

Game Play

Three players connect to each other and play the game for 2 minutes. Each player plays the different roles in the game, the player who has the highest score win the game. This game is all about let players screw up each other.

  1. Tetris player: like traditional Tetris game, player needs to move and rotate Tetris block to fill out a line to score. The new mechanic is to try to avoid Breakout ball (since the ball will destroy the block" and try to crash the platform runner to score more.
  2. Breakout player: like traditional Breakout game, player needs to move the bar to bounce the ball from different angle to hit the brick. In this game, the tetris block and the platform runner is your target. If the ball hits one of the cubes of the tetris block, the cube is destroyed, if hits the platform runner, the runner gets killed.
  3. Platform runner: The major goal is to dodge the incoming hostile tetris block and Breakout ball. You can move around and jump on the top of the tetris block, you can use dash which moves left or right for a long distance or teleport to teleport to the high ground.

Server status

The server is currently down. We are polishing up the game in the future for the release. You can still play with the old version at, note you need to have 3 players in order to play this game


The Ball The Brick The Runner.rar 47 MB